Parc Inverness

Parc Inverness


Site Area:



Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

7,100 sq m

21,138 sq m

Chinachem Group

One of the major challenges in the design of the development was to maximise planting in order to satisfy the government greening requirements. Every opportunity was explored to enhance greening provision including, as well as conventional ground level and podium planting: covered planter areas, green roofs, built-in planter boxes in the building's facade, climbing and weeping plants to grow up or trail down fences, walls and other available vertical surfaces were incorporated wherever possible. Modular green walls were located at key points for maximum impact. Green elements in the form of entrance water features, roundabout planting, green walls and large canopy trees create a welcoming entrance facing Inverness Road.

All of this lush vegetation is closely integrated with the various functional requirements of the development such as a communal barbecue area, an outdoor fitness station, a children's play area, and a jogging track circuit.

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