Director Calvert Chan Shares at Gemdale THE ONE Press Conference

19 Jun 2018

Our Director, Mr. Calvert Chan, was invited to attend the press conference held by Gemdale Group for the announcement of their new residential development – THE ONE on the 10th of June.

At the conference, the developer introduced the unique points of the project, and invited top designers who have participated in the project to present the irresistible charm of Gemdale THE ONE. Our Director, Mr. Calvert Chan, also shared on LWK’s tailored design solution for the project.

The project is located at the heart of CBD in Guangzhou South. As the only residential site in the district at the moment, the concept for the project is “living before luxury”, while the execution of the design concept is guided by modernisation and advanced technology. The houses in the project adopted a semi-detached layout instead of a joint-row layout, which would generate more profit. This is to keep a lower density in the area, enable north and south air flow and double first-level lighting. This gives the units better ventilation and more natural light – a reunion of design and living.

The two high-rises carry the same design concept. The directions that they face were calibrated and adjusted in an inverted “z” form, which allows the best ventilation and maximises the use of natural lighting. In the same line of thoughts, the elevation of the project has discarded traditional complex sculpted decorations and over-the-top interiors. Everything is back to basic. An façade with intense colour and its modern minimalist outlook show stands to show the project’s maturity and grandeur.

*Event images supplied courtesy of Gemdale Group

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