LWK Director Ivan Fu Presented at the Build4Asia Conference 2018

10 May 2018

As a pioneer in the industry, LWK is always pushing for innovation and advancement for our community. Our Director, Mr. Ivan Fu, is a passionate advocate for smart cities and a leader in the sector.

We had a full house on 10 May as our Director Mr. Ivan Fu gave his presentation at the Build4Asia Conference 2018 on the topic of “Smart Cities – Are we there yet?”.

At the presentation, Ivan shared his views on what shaped a “smart city”, and what technology plug-ins are readily available to create smarter cities. He believes that future cities are planned around the various types of networks. He also believes that urbanisation is driven by the Chinese idiom “clothing, food, shelter, and transportation”, and so in turn in the planning of a city, the four should be prioritised and combined with technology to achieve the best outcome.

The presentation gave participants a brief yet comprehensive grasp on “smart cities”, and where we are currently at on the journey there.

Although we are still on the way towards building cities with even higher efficiency and better living environments, our plans for tomorrow should start today. Ivan, along with all other visionaries here at LWK, are leading the industry by embracing new modes of living and latest technological developments.

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