Hangzhou Zijingang Paradise Walk

Hangzhou Zijingang Paradise Walk


Site Area:



Hangzhou, China

47,713 sq m

68,000 sq m

Longfor Properties Co Ltd.

The development sits along the banks of Wulitang in West Lake District overlooking the mystic river and surrounding landscapes. With the core themes on leisure and wellness as its backbone, the 68,000 sq m lifestyle mall serves as a community hub for the residents of Zijin Port area. It offers a broad range of retail and entertainment facilities, including international lifestyle and fashion brands, a wide selection of F&B, fitness centre, spa, Taichi Garden, meditation courtyard, children’s indoor playground, IMAX cinema, and etc.

The overall design captured key essence from traditional Hangzhou’s Hui-style architecture, embodying a tint of elegance, conciseness, and magnificence. The shaved roofs mimic the iconic Hui-style roof, making the mall a local landmark that is hard to miss. Inspired by the concept of “Liu Bai” (i.e. leaving the canvas blank) from Chinese ink paintings, courtyards were injected into the development to provide ample space for visitors to enjoy a breather and unwind. Moreover, the northwest corner was intentionally set aside as the hanging Zen courtyard with access to views towards the Wulitang River. The inclusion of the infinity pool and wellness centre on the roof has created an urban oasis and quick getaway for people in Hangzhou.

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