CIFI Jiangshan Sales Centre

CIFI Jiangshan Sales Centre


Site Area:

Foshan, China

1,500 sq m

Located at the intersection of Lucun Road and Songhe Road in Sanshui District, Foshan, China, the designer tactfully made use of the geographical location of the project to bring focus to the site. Through connecting the main circulation of the building to the two arterial roads, a floating cubic treasure box (“The Cube”) stands out above the waters.

“The Cube” is the core exhibition area of the property, and is encircled by the reception area, bar, meeting area, VIP leisure area, and etc. The design of the core exhibition area not only reflects the client’s pursuit for quality, but also forecasts future development plans for the greater area. A novel and modern design approach was adopted, yet at the same time fulfils the exhibition area’s pragmatic functions.

The design of the façade further accented the designer’s dedication to craftsmanship – a glass box enclosed by a curtain of louvres orchestrating a rhythmic symphony of light and shadows on the building envelope. Composed of over 1,000 individual metal fins, the curvature of the organic façade was carefully designed, calculated and installed using a curtain wall system based on parametric analysis and utilisation of BIM technology. The concept of a silk cloth wrapping around a treasure box was vividly and expressively realised.

Taking cues from the site topography, a streamlined stone wall was introduced to attract the pedestrians’ attention and guide their footsteps to the exhibition room in the centre. Every fin contributes to refract sunlight, maximising interior natural daylight yet avoiding excessive direct sun glare.

The contrast between glass and the metal curtain wall, and the blending of indoor and outdoor spaces, give the architecture its distinctive graceful aura.

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