LWK introduced “Design Master” campus seminar series

04 Dec 2017

In collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University, LWK’s Head of Research Erik Amir kicked off the “Design Master” campus seminar series last week, with a thought-provoking topic – “Design in Asia”.

Leading the Research Department at LWK, Erik conducts extensive research on design trends and technology development to further enhance the company’s responsiveness to the changing market needs. He has been running a diversity of design workshops for LWK’s global studios to stimulate and spark designers’ creativity to re-imagine the many possibilities of design.

The “Design Master” campus seminar series was part of LWK’s first steps to establish closely knitted partnerships with higher education institutions like Chongqing University. The first seminar was proven to be a huge success, widely welcomed by teachers and students. LWK is anticipating more of such collaborations, and in particular, opportunities to join forces on training, project design and research studies, so as to offer an all-rounded development and showcasing platform for the students.

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