Media Tour to the Blue House Cluster

08 Mar 2017

Local media were invited to visit the refurbished Blue House Cluster for the site tour and the debriefing presentation. LWK Project Architect Thomas Wong led the media tour to the interior of the Blue House Cluster and explained the difficulties and essential parts of the rehabilitation.

Located at Wan Chai, Hong Kong, the Blue House Cluster is comprised of Blue House, Yellow House and Orange House while Blue House and Yellow House are classified as Grade I and Grade III historic buildings respectively. Through adopting a “retention of both residents and buildings” approach, the buildings were successfully refurbished and multifunctional spaces were created to make the Cluster a unique refurbished historic project.

“Viva Blue House Good Neighbour Scheme” is a sequel of the revitalization project. Despite the relocation of original tenants, several units are available for lease to bring new power to the community and inherit the co-living style of tenement buildings.

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