Ancestral Hall of Tsang Tai Uk, Middle Hall

Ancestral Hall of Tsang Tai Uk, Middle Hall


Site Area:

Shatin, Hong Kong

59.28 sq m

Tsang Tai Uk is a huge Wuhua type fortified Chinese walled village, it was constructed between 1847 and 1867. The ancestral hall is located along the central axis in three hall design. The Middle Hall is among the most important venue for the clan to manage village affairs and holding important ceremonies. Besides, a set of very historical ceremonial screen which dedicated for the founder of the village, was fixed in the Hall.

The works has completely restored the roof of the Middle Hall to resolve the leaking and termite infestation problems. Besides, the works have provided thorough restorations to all historic plaques, murals, screen door, wood crafting, ceremonial screen and also the wall on two sides to reinstate its past glory.

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