Official Opening of Landmark Riverside Park – Phase II: Danzishi Old Street

08 Jun 2018

The kilometre-long Chongqing Danzishi Old Street was officially opened to the public on 1 June. Danzishi Old Street is the second phase of Landmark Riverside Park. Its area is approximately 40,000 sq.m., and is jointly developed by Hongkong Land and China Merchants Shekou. LWK was responsible for masterplanning and architectural design of both Phase I & II of the entire development.

At the opening ceremony, “Chongqing South Bank Landmark Riverside Danzishi Old Street” received the AAAA Class national scenic area plaque, making it the first 4A scenic area in the country to get the recognition under the theme of “port culture and Grade-9 hill slope landforms”.

The new design breathed a new soul into the old street. The dated Danzishi Old Street on the south bank is now a cultural spot in Chongqing that reminds people of good old times. The glamour that once encompassed these streets has returned.

The vintage commercial area is the core preservation area for Danzishi Old Street.The street snakes across the landscape, punched through Taichang Road and spans towards Danzishi Road.

To preserve the essence of the original Old Street, the size of Danzishi Old Street preservation area remained unchanged, and the site for the project leaned slightly towards the south. Together with the extended Old Street area along Yangtze River, the new Old Street now has a wider view of the river, which extends all the way to Yuzhong Chaotianmen district.

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