LWK Tailored Interior Design Workshops for Project WeCan with our Partnering School

25 May 2018

In the past two months, we have organised a series of Interior Design Workshop for Ko Lui Secondary School, our partnering school of Project WeCan. The workshops gave students a chance to learn and absorb in a fun environment, which enhanced their understanding of designers and the creative industry.

At the workshops, students acquired various skills such as sketch-drawing, space applications, furniture configuration, and colour coordination. At the end of the programme, students created their own space within an A4 card box and created a 30-second video to showcase their effort and creativity around the theme of “light and shadow”.

We also invited our sister company, isBIM to share their expertise on virtual reality (VR) technologies, so that Ko Lui students can have deeper understanding on how technology can be applied to facilitate the interior design process.

LWK is a long-time corporate partner of Project WeCan Initiative. Other than supporting Ko Lui Secondary School in the “Project WeCan Young Innovators Bazaar” earlier this year, we have also organised career talks and arranged summer internship opportunities, so as to better prepare the students for their future career.

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