LWK Interiors Team Shares Design Concepts at Tonker • Joy Mall Global Sales Conference

14 May 2018

Our team lead by Director, Mr. Kelvin Hui, was invited to attend a global sales conference held by Tonker Properties in Foshan. At “A Dream of Fantasy Wonderland – Tonker • Joy Mall”, our Associate Director, Ms. Yanie Low, shared her design concepts.

The theme for the conference was “A Dream of Fantasy Wonderland”. The venue was divided into four main areas, namely the Family Wonderland, Fashion Wonderland, Technology Wonderland, and Gourmet Wonderland. The arrangement shows off the commercial landscape of Tonker • Joy Mall in an alternative light. General Manager of Joy Mall, Mr. Licheng TAN, interpreted the future of commerce with four keywords: TOD, Aesthetics, Technology, and Fun.

Yanie pointed out in her presentation that the design is based on imagination, curiosity, and a planet with no limitation on age or whatsoever. Joy Mall offers futuristic shopping experience that fits all ages in an otherworldly colony.

Joy Mall features a cinema, creative workshops, tech and physical activities, and nature exploration areas, so that customers of different age, gender and personality can all exert their imagination and create their own dreamscape.

Tonker • Joy Mall is located in Chan Xi New Town commercial circle, and is a transportation hub that sits right on top of three underground lines. It has quick access to different districts of Foshan, the urban parts of Guangzhou, Guangzhou South Station, and other locations. It has a G.F.A. of 300,000 sq. m., and is one of the important landmarks of Tonker Properties in Foshan. LWK is involved in its interior, lighting, and wayfinding and signage design.

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