HKRI Taikoo Hui The Middle House

HKRI Taikoo Hui The Middle House


Site Area:



Shanghai, China

6.2 ha

22,579 sq m. (T5) & 14,010 sq m. (T6)

Guan Feng (Shanghai) Real Estate Development

The Middle House is the fourth hotel in Swire’s The House Collective. Interior design for the hotel was lead by renowned Milan-based architect, Piero Lissoni, while LWK oversaw design execution.

As a pioneer Executive Interior Designer (EID) in the industry, and with a longstanding partnership with Swire, including our successful experience gained from the Taikoo Hui Mandarin Oriental project, LWK fully captured the essence of Lissoni’s design, and was able to express and interpret the beauty behind.

When it comes to custom furniture, deep understanding of the design enabled LWK to give guidance to the production factory in realizing what was indicated on the design drawings. From choosing the right factory to the approval of schemes and materials, from producing samples to finished products, all the way through to the final inspection. LWK monitored every step, and has provided professional advice and suggestions.

Striving for perfection, LWK searched and sourced numerous local antique markets across the country to find the Chinese traditional furniture placed in the common areas of the hotel.

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