11 April 2022

TOD insights on international media

International media outlets and design platforms including Archinect, Archify, PRC Magazine and iArch published our insights on transit-oriented development (TOD), an extremely prevalent mode of development shaping fast-growing cities in China by seamlessly integrating public transport with functional components of a city. The model is seeing growing significance across the country due to its relevance with sustainable, carbon-neutral development.

The coverages feature interesting talking points from our Directors, touching on regional synergy, high-density cities and biophilic design with references to important TOD projects in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Chengdu.

According to Kenneth, the future TOD model will feature ‘compactness, smart mixed use, eco-friendliness, pedestrianisation, interweaving connection, shared spaces, underground walkways, wellbeing and resilience, and mixed strategies’ as key elements.

Speaking on the challenges of designing TODs, Ricky notes that TODs ‘must be tailored to the context rather than abiding by a rigid ‘formula’ or an over-emphasis on the transport links.’

Click the links below to read the full articles:

Archinect: https://bit.ly/3x8A6RK

Archify: https://bit.ly/3uc1Wut

PRC Magazine: https://bit.ly/3x4g9f7

iArch: https://bit.ly/3v0AnUa
(See our Insights page here for an English version).