Site Area:



Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

32,409 sq m

57,767 sq m

New World Development Company Ltd.

D‧PARK, launched in 1997, is a 3-storey shopping mall of over 40,000 sq m located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. D‧PARK has undergone a major renovation work from 2012, which brings a bright new façade and revitalizes the arcade into a parenting-oriented shopping mall.

The external façade and interiors were greatly enhanced with the introduction of colorful claddings and features, exerting an energetic ambiance. Recognizing the popularity of large anchor shops, the arcade was rezoned and modernized to generate a fluid and dynamic shopping experience. A long travellator running across the atrium successfully leaded circulations to the upper parts of the mall. New entrance opening towards the neighborhood attracts customers and energizes every part of the shopping mall. While entrance plaza was livened up with the 26m long large LED screen, together with the re-programmed hard landscape, it provide a pleasant and unique entry experience to visitors.

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