Stars By The Harbour

Stars By The Harbour


Site Area:



Hung Hom, Hong Kong

7,551 sq m

34,003 sq m

Cheung Kong Property Development Ltd.

Stars By The Harbour is a comprehensive residential development built in the vicinity of public transport hub with full view of Victoria Harbour. The project consists of four 26-storey high-rise towers and nine 3-storey private houses, with a site area of 7,551 sq m and a GFA of 34,003 sq m A clubhouse is situated on the G/F and 1/F, providing recreational facilities which include an outdoor swimming pool. 206 residential car parking spaces and 20 visitors’ car parking spaces are accommodated in the 2-storey underground car park.

Gained by the inspiration from Manhattan, New York, the project is established in a fashionable style, not only in the designs of tower entrances and pedestrian corridor but through the overall scenery. Pedestrian entrance is decorated with flowing water and lighting design on stone walls to create a glittering visual effect. To provide residents with a comfortable and peaceful living environment, the use of floor-to-ceiling glasses in both towers and clubhouse emphasizes the sense of space while pedestrians on the walkway can enjoy the harmonic scene of landscape areas and water features.

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