Anji Tourist Centre

Anji Tourist Centre


Site Area:



Zhejiang, China

8,000 sq m

2,575 sq m

China National Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation

The project is a lakeside clubhouse situated at the Lingfeng scenic district of Anji province, Zhejiang. It is bestowed with unparalleled natural landscape and scenery. Visitors are emerged in vertical and horizontal design elements when walking through the site.

Our designer takes a simplistic approach and applies a local design vernacular. The horizontal elements create architectural layers that gradually frame different poetic scenes; while features of bamboos are integrated to form an upright architectural image, perfectly complementing with the surroundings.

Winning Awards


MIPIM Asia Awards

Best Hotel & Tourism Development — Silver Winner


A&D Trophy Awards

Resort or Leisure Destination Category — Certificate of Excellence of Hotel

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