Ip Ancestral Hall

Ip Ancestral Hall


Site Area:

Sha Tau Kok, Hong Kong

178.73 sq m

Ip Ancestral Hall is located in Lin Ma Hang Village, Sha Tau Kok, which was established in 18th century. The exact construction date of the building is unknown but was believed to be built by Ip Tat Po and Ip Tat Pun, who migrated with their families from Dongguan of China to there. The ancestral hall is the main venue for the villagers to conduct rituals, large ceremonies and also place to manage village affairs.

The building was constructed in simple two-hall-one-courtyard style with a Hakka tiled pitched roof design. The roof tip is lavishly decorated with a plastered moulding ridge with curled-up ends which give highlights to the simply building design. The completed work helped the building to restore the distorted pitched roof on its entrance hall to reinstate its outlook and also restore and redecorate other roof features include main ridge, gable ridges and fascia boards. Besides, the dilapidated timber cockloft and covered dressed granite slabs pave at forecourt was successfully restored and reinstated.

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