One Kai Tak

One Kai Tak


Site Area:



Kai Tak, Hong Kong

16,400 sq m

81,800 sq m

China Overseas Holdings Ltd.

Strategically positioned at a prime site of 16,356 sq m in Kai Tak Development (KTD) Zone, One Kai Tak (OKT) is the first private luxurious residential development up for sale in the area. The two-phased development consists of four high-rise towers, 13 low-rise blocks providing over 1,100 nos. of residential units. A retail precinct with covered colonnade design is introduced to the community as part of the land deeds requirement to promote continuous colonnade along the Kai Tak Station Square to the promenade of Kai Tak River.

Being the first and only site under the "Hong Kong Property for Hong Kong People" policy, OKT is also part of the Kai Tak Grid Neighbourhood. To echo with the government's vision in developing a distinguished, vibrant, attractive and people-oriented community by the Victoria Harbour, a semi-enclosed open space is introduced and building orientation and deposition are rearranged to create well-defined public and private streetscape, encourage interaction and create a stronger sense of belongings and connectedness.

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