Taikoo Hui

Taikoo Hui


Site Area:



Guangzhou, China

49,000 sq m

446,000 sq m

Swire Properties Ltd.

The project is situated at Tianhe East Road in Tianhe District of Guangzhou, the most vigorous shopping destination in the city. It lies between the Shipaiqiao Station in Metro Line 3 and the Tianhe Sports Centre Station in Line 1, with the basement levels directly leading to the Metro entrance.

To increase visual access for the city and to eliminate visual barrier for each tower, buildings are intelligently set at four corners. Two office towers, one of 40 storeys is located at the southwest side of the site, and the other of 28 storeys at a five star hotel at northeast; the southeast corner accommodates a shopping mall, while the northeast corner situates a cultural centre.

Winning Awards


USGBC Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Awards (LEED)

Platinum Level Certificate


China Engineering and Consulting Design Awards

2nd Prize Winner of Architecture Engineering Award


The Luban Prize - Chinese National Quality Project Award

Outstanding Contribution Award

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