Yuccie Square

Yuccie Square


Site Area:



Yuen Long, Hong Kong

12,340 sq m

56, 699 sq m (residential) & 5,000 sq m (commercial)

Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd.

Composed of 4 residential towers, Yuccie Square is easily accessible by public transport with MTR connection. The development features a retail ground floor pedestrian streets in which a contemporary vertical lighting feature was custom-designed. This light feature serves numerous functions in that it separates each of the glazed retail shop fronts and provides an exciting feature custom street lighting experience. When the street is bathed in linear light at night time, it will provide a distinctive rhythmic atmosphere.

The landscape concept in Yuccie Square conveys a trendy atmosphere and suitable facilities are included to appeal to these young users. Undulating lawns, wide grassed or planted pedestrian boulevards converge on a multimedia central piazza feature manages to fulfill strict government green coverage requirements while fitting in a comprehensive list of functional requirements specified for the development. It also offers a gathering plaza for open public use.

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