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    13 July 2021

    A glimpse of the future: Project WeCan Career Exploration Day 2021

    As a long-time corporate partner of Project WeCan, our Hong Kong studio recently joined a new round of Career Exploration Day on 26 June, allowing secondary school students a better understanding about architecture industry and being an architect, while helping them explore their career interest.

    Our Associate Director Erica Wong and Associate – Senior Designer Thomas Chan were tutors for total 6 online sessions, coaching students to hand make their own architectural models simply using foam boards, toothpicks and pins, creating a new Pei Ho Street Municipal Services Building in Sham Shui Po with new, diversified programmes. In the process, students were encouraged to think the possibility of a public building for the wellbeing of their neighbourhood and even a wider community, as well as how a hyrid, humanised architecture can connect people in the city.

    Launch in 2011, Project WeCan is a Business-in-Community programme which aims to empower young people in Hong Kong and improve their education and future career prospects via hands-on training and workshops.