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    10 July 2024

    Celebrating Youth and Innovation: Our Sponsorship at F1 in Schools

    As this season comes to a close, LWK + PARTNERS is proud to celebrate the achievements of the Abiyya – F1 In Schools team. It has been an honor to sponsor and support such a dedicated and passionate group of young minds.

    We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in F1 in Schools. The opportunity to support brilliant students and kind-hearted individuals has been truly rewarding. A special congratulations to the team members for their dedication, passion, and camaraderie. Their hard work and perseverance have led them to win the Innovation Thinking Award at the Nationals of 2024.

    At LWK + PARTNERS, we believe in the power of supporting youth and fostering innovation. By sponsoring initiatives like F1 in Schools, we contribute to the growth and development of future leaders. We look forward to continuing our support for youth empowerment and innovation in the years to come.