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    15 November 2021

    Cityscape Global Real Estate Conference and Exhibition

    We are delighted to support this year’s Cityscape Global Real Estate Exhibition, the Middle East and North Africa’s largest industry fixture held in Dubai during 7-11 November, as Associate Partner.

    The LWK + PARTNERS exhibition booth MACRO – TO – MICRO | CITY – TO – HOME evaluates the integrative power of urban planning and technology through interactive display, multimedia works, 3D-printed sculptures, infographics, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. We even had Jackson Wong, Deputy Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Dubai as a special guest!

    We also brought visitors’ attention to key urban issues sharing our observations and experiences in a series of live talks.

    Managing Director – MENA Kerem Cengiz took the 15-minute city as an anchor point to discuss mobility, sustainability and urban living. Separately, he also discussed the use of AI in real estate and the new opportunities for the residential sector in 2022 and beyond.

    Design Director Kourosh Salehi explored smart tech-powered walkable cities, new models of effective placemaking, the concept of spatial contract amid heightened public awareness and the the future of sustainable design.

    Senior Architect Michael Naguib spoke on ‘ReConnect: Design strategies for a post-pandemic world – employing AR & VR’, sharing major shifting trends in architecture and design and project management as the world adapts to a new normal.