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    30 October 2020

    Cover story of Southeast Asia Construction

    We got on the cover of Southeast Asia Construction for Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre Temporary Quarantine Facilities!

    Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) is potentially a gamechanger in the industry for its prospects in relation to speed, sustainability and flexibility. However, though it is an increasingly viable option globally, it remains in its early stages in Hong Kong due to various challenges.

    In 2019, LWK + PARTNERS and Paul Y. – iMax secured ‘pre-acceptance’ from the city’s Buildings Department for an MiC installation system, which provided critical technological foundations for the Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre Temporary Quarantine Facilities as part of Hong Kong government’s COVID-19 response.

    The project garnered warm response in the city with widespread media attention internationally, with the latest being Southeast Asia Construction and Construction+. Full stories below:

    Southeast Asia Construction: https://bit.ly/3e8WAqo

    Construction+: https://bit.ly/34CqJv8