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    29 May 2019

    Design Middle East shares Kerem Cengiz’s insight of what Saudi Arabia might gain from China

    Our Managing Director – MENA, Kerem Cengiz, explores what insights Saudi Arabia might gain from China ‘s modern history of development with Middle East Architect.

    Kerem pointed out there is no simple explanation for how China’s leaders managed to become a world leader in many disciplines. There was foresight and luck, skill and tough resolve, but perhaps most importantly the fear of failure. Apart from drawing lessons from the past and embracing ‘controlled reform’, China successfully survived from and modernised by tapping into a wave of globalisation, emerging as the world’s factory.

    As Saudi Arabia sets initiatives to re-frame the kingdom as a regional powerhouse of education, tourism, arts and culture, nature and commerce, real estate development is a key driver.

    Check out the article for more of his views: https://bit.ly/2JKRowG