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    01 January 2024

    Featured Insights in “The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2024”

    In an insightful interview featured in “The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2024,” the focus is on the architectural advancements contributing to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The discussion highlights LWK + PARTNERS’ pivotal role in this national transformation, with a mention of Kerem Cengiz, our Managing Director – MENA, who leads our efforts in the region.

    The interview sheds light on our strategic involvement in significant projects with Saudi Downtown Company and Roshn, which embody our dedication to sustainable and community-centric design. It also explores the impact of digital transformation on the architectural landscape and the innovative approaches that are shaping the future of design in Saudi Arabia.

    We invite you to read the full interview to gain a deeper understanding of how architecture is intertwined with the visionary development of Saudi Arabia.