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    07 June 2022

    Future Proofing in Context presented at Future of Architecture Summit 2022

    Kourosh Salehi our MENA Design Director joined the industry’s leading minds for insightful discussions and presentations at the 2nd edition of The Future of Architecture Summit held live in Dubai at The Oberoi on Tuesday 7th June 2022. The summit is a leading platform for construction industry stakeholders to discuss topics including future city requirements, net zero building design, resilient design strategies, future transport infrastructure, nurturing future talent and much more.

    Kourosh’ s Keynote titled “Future in Context” addressed some of the queries around future proofing and our sustainable approach to the built environment. He tackled the question of What will tomorrow’s design-led world be like? beyond looking at crystal balls but with tangible solutions and approaches. He presented our ongoing research that our studio investigates the future of cities in KSA that are designed around PEOPLE, MOBILITY, SUSTAINABILITY & CULTURE.

    Challenges of new paradigms were tackled in his Keynote speech as we collectively reimagine building design in the context of ‘smart’ architecture and AI-led interventions on a scale never seen before.