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    17 November 2019

    Generating dialogue and ideas at Dubai Design Week 2019

    Far beyond the office borders, LWK + PARTNERS as a dynamic platform reaches out to the creative community and engages in knowledge and cultural experiences.

    We demonstrated its stretch of design strengths and extensive connections in MENA by holding an eclectic pack of exciting events as part of the Dubai Design Week during 11-16 November.

    Being part of a discussion panel titled ‘New Markets 2021: The Future of Design’, our Director Ferdinand Cheung from Hong Kong office shared his observations on the future role of Asian markets while giving a gist of the firm’s rapid progress in the region in the context of urbanisation and global challenges.

    Our Dubai office received a group of prospective architects and interested visitors for an interactive Tea & Talk which included an office tour and a sharing by Design Director Kourosh Salehi regarding the design inspiration behind the Hanging Garden Bridge (Sky Garden).

    Other initiatives that stem from our robust cultural ties included an engaging Cool, Contemporary China pagoda at Downtown Design Dubai, inspired by traditional Chinese art, architecture and cultural landscape and symbolising a ‘red envelop’ or gift from Hong Kong to Dubai. Also, a workshop introduced the use of colours and form in traditional Chinese culture to a group of children.