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    09 August 2021

    Groundbreak of C Cheng Future Urban Solutions Headquarters

    C Cheng Future Urban Solutions Headquarters in Baiyun District, China broke ground on 18 July, which will be the tallest landmark in the park of the Design Capital of Guangzhou. Junyou Wang, LWK + PARTNERS’ Director and Executive Director of its mother company C Cheng Holdings (C Cheng), joined the ceremony with honourable guests from Baiyun District People’s Government. Managing Director Ronald Liang, also Chairman and Executive Director of C Cheng, shared his hopes of the new project online.

    While LWK + PARTNERS being the first Hong Kong- or Macao-based architectural design practice to enter the Design Capital of Guangzhou, this project will be the headquarters of C Cheng and mark a significant step for the Group’s development in the urbanisation process of the Greater Bay Area as well as its role in helping Baiyun District attract technology and investment, and promoting architectural design, digitalisation and smart city development.

    The headquarters is located at the end of a green corridor in Baiyun District, with a lush tree as its design concept which symbolises growth, prosperity and hope to the Design Capital of Guangzhou.