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    27 July 2020

    Healthcare space insights featured on TRENDS, iarch.cn and CONCEPT

    The healthcare industry is undergoing unprecedented rethinking about how best to plan its future facilities and services.

    TRENDS, iarch.cn and CONCEPT features our views on future healthcare spaces as expressed by Philip Wong, LWK + PARTNERS Director who leads the practice’s Healthcare and Senior Living Team. In the interview, he explained the role of design in improving people’s experience with references to Shijiazhuang Zhao Hua Hospital Development in China.

    Read the articles in full:

    TRENDS: https://trendsideas.co.nz/stories/new-hospital-holistic-design-lwk-partners

    iarch.cn (in Chinese): http://www.iarch.cn/thread-43230-1-1.html 

    CONCEPT (in English and Korean): https://bit.ly/3hE6Jfd