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    21 January 2022

    Hengqin Port Mixed-use Development on World Architecture and The FAÇADE magazines

    Hengqin Port Mixed-use Development (click for project details) is recently featured on World Architecture, a renowned Chinese architectural journal published by Tsinghua University , and The FAÇADE, the official publication of the Hong Kong Façade Association.

    Situated right beside the Hengqin port, this large-scale transit-oriented development (TOD) provides efficient programmes closely integrated with convenient transport, making an engaging urban lounge at the city’s gateway which revitalises the island community, as well as setting an excellent foundation to capture the latest development opportunities in Hengqin and facilitate the strategic development of the Guangdong-Macau in-depth cooperation zone.

    Embracing Hengqin’s goal to become an eco-friendly city, the project’s modern architectural language expresses both a humanistic spirit and respect for urban ecology. The two towers stand in complementing heights with one another to create a dynamic skyline inspired by the natural landscape in Hengqin. By adopting a streamlined design and marine palette, it also avoids disrupting the native landscape and coastal environment.

    The building façades are clean and simple, free of over-decorative elements and with horizontal features on every floor to balance out the sharp tall tower form. The scale, texture and materials of the façade also resonate with the adjacent buildings.

    Read the articles in full:

    World Architecture: https://bit.ly/33xHbiH

    The FAÇADE: https://bit.ly/3tLxyHz