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    20 April 2024

    Ivan Fu on green finance with d+a

    There has been a lot of talk on green finance across different sectors and the building industry is no exception. Singapore-based architectural magazine d+a, known for its sharp eye for emerging trends and cutting-edge design across Asia, wrote an article exploring the latest progress of green finance and architecture with LWK + PARTNERS Director Ivan Fu invited to share his observations and shed light on the vital position of architects in the process.

    “We are happy to see these incentive boosts for low-carbon, energy efficient developments,” said Ivan, “We play an important role as thought leaders and green building practitioners to facilitate the development and realisation of green construction. We provide design expertise and technical know-how for the best practices towards net zero carbon.”

    Himself a key driver of green finance in Hong Kong’s building industry as Chairperson of the Committee on Environment, Construction Industry Council, Ivan is personally behind the major breakthroughs from ground zero. But this also makes him acutely aware of the challenges: “We must establish the right reporting standards and assessment tools for funding providers to understand how our projects contribute to sustainable development. Without the initial investment capital, it is hard for the research and development of sustainable building materials, technologies or construction methods to come to fruition.”

    Find out more about status of green finance and related growth opportunities by reading the full article here.