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    16 March 2021

    Koroush Salehi spoke at Zak World of Façades Middle East panel discussion

    Zak World of Façade is an international conference series on façade design and engineering, where industry professionals share their experience on delivering sustainable and safe façades, as well as showcase sustainable innovations and challenges in the construction industry about the building envelope and the latest technological solutions.

    Zak World of Façade Middle East returned this month for its 78th edition in The Conrad, Dubai with our Design Director in Dubai office Kourosh Salehi as one of the panelists. The event hosted several industry leaders to share their advancements in façade technologies through a panel discussion from notable firms across the Middle East region.

    Koroush discussed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) for building envelopes, circular economy, net zero, regulations and climate change. The panel brought to light several key factors that would affect the future of sustainability as well as explored different forms of sustainability and how we can regulate their impact.

    Click here to catch the replay.