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    06 March 2023

    Kourosh Salehi’s Insightful Presentation on Vertical Cities and Urban Metabolism at the 11th Annual Vertical Cities

    The 11th Annual Vertical Cities, a prestigious event that brings together leading architects, engineers, and urban planners from around the world, featured a keynote presentation by Kourosh Salehi on the 6th of March at The H Dubai. Salehi, an award-winning architect and urban planner who leads our MENA Design studio showcased an in-depth case study on one of the studio’s latest creations “DIFC Living and Innovation Two.”

    Delving into the core of his presentation, Salehi showcased a remarkable intervention in a dense setting at the heart of Dubai. Mitigating site challenges require an in-depth study and research into the notion of Vertical Cities and the essence of the urban Metabolism. Innovative design solutions contribute to the overall ecosystem and benefits the wider community that engages with the architecture on a day-to-day basis.

    The outcome is an Innovative Living Tower that fosters network of connections and opportunities for inhabitants and users to engage with. Salehi discussed how the building’s vertical gardens, integrated sustainability solutions, and state-of-the-art amenities that creates a healthy and environmentally friendly living environment that is future proof.