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    14 November 2022

    LWK + PARTNERS awarded tender for OCT Dongguan Songshan Lake Yuehe Project

    LWK + PARTNERS is pleased to announce that we have won the competition for the OCT Dongguan Songshan Lake Yuehe Project. Based on the concept of “OCT RINGS”, the proposal aims at developing an immersive theme park with a unique cultural identity, bringing micro-tourism experience to visitors by seamlessly combining urban life and lake ecology.

    Design Concept

    In line with the evolving OCT business model which places local culture at the core of the design concept, The OCT RINGS embraces the historic Dongguan dragon boat culture and integrates advanced technology to elevate the entertainment experience. The rich landscape is perfectly combined with street area in order to enhance the amenity of the park.

    “Open boundaries with integrated core” is the key design concept.

    The lake is encircled by three concentric retail zones featuring a 380m-long commercial high street, bar areas and serviced apartments. A mini vacation experience arises as the different environments of the inner and outer lake areas create a changing pedestrian experience towards the centre.

    A floating bridge connects the entrance and lakeside through the heart of the lake, allowing visitors to enjoy vacation with high flexibility. The floating bridge also divides the park into two distinct sections. One is a lively high street connected with a theatre, the other is a tranquil extension of residential area with serviced apartments.

    The Four RINGS

    The four RINGS are the feature of The OCT RINGS. They interact closely with each other to connect the vast space in an organic way.

    ‧ Ring of Lifestyles – a diversified streetscape

    The neighbourhood is comprised of three circular concentric zones: an inner lake path facing central stage, the busiest high street, and a pub street connected with Yuehe Lake. The design guides the visitors from the entrance square through the high street market and plaza to the lakeside and central stage.

    ‧ Ring of Technology – a canopy of culture

    Inspired by the form of a dragon boat, this space applies innovative technology to form a comfortable and energy-saving transitional space for public use. By integrating the canopy with a water screen and a bridge, an immersive hologram projecting stage is created, which can provide an impactful experience of enjoying performances.

    ‧ Ring of Art – where culture adds value to commercial experience

    Observing from the sky, one can find an elegant silver belt floating across the park that links structures across the vast area. It shows how art and the city can perfectly co-exist, encouraging people to appreciate the interdependence of human and nature.

    ‧ Ring of Ecology – landscape and retail interweaved with rhythm

    The overall design is human-centric and guided by ecological considerations. Splendid landscape and built areas are organically combined, dynamically interlaced by lively commercial spaces.


    Location: Dongguan, China

    Site Area: 55,000 sqm

    Developer: Overseas Chinese Town Holdings Company ( OCT Group )