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    30 September 2019

    LWK + PARTNERS sheds light on design and architecture at Cityscape Global

    Bold ideas spark dynamic dialogues. LWK + PARTNERS actively reflects on its rich experience to disseminate knowledge in architecture and design, with the aim to spur constructive discussion and feedback on built environments.

    Three of our directors recently spoke at Cityscape Global, an annual real estate investment and development event in Dubai, on topics reflecting the eclectic expertise of the practice.

    Director Ivan Fu gave a keynote on “Across Cultures: Architecture in the Age of Glocalization” using the firm’s experience as examples to define good practices in today’s architecture, where cultural, social and geographical factors are increasingly interdependent and working across borders.

    Director Ferdinand Cheung noted in his presentation “Evolving Cities | The Science behind Thrill-Seeking” that there is an increasing demand for adaptive urban spaces in an era of change and fluidity. By examining the characteristics of the new generation, Ferdinand laid out some of the myriad possibilities for urban form.

    Corina Leung, our Design Director, shared her thoughts on commercial spaces at her talk “An Inside Look at Current Global Retail Trends”, encouraging the audience to reflect how today’s consumer experience is shaped by architecture, design and culture.

    LWK + PARTNERS is frequently involved in different industry events to stay at the forefront of market trends and explore opportunities to take bolder steps forward. These conversations are part of the firm’s constant effort to explore the relationship between nature, built environment and humanity as much as its design solutions exhibit.