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    29 October 2022

    LWK + PARTNERS wins Best Master Planning Consultancy KSA 2022 at the International Business Magazine Awards

    LWK + PARTNERS was being celebrated for its pioneering design solutions that are changing the way we think about Master Planning developments across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    On Saturday 29 October 2022 at the International Business Magazine Awards held at Atlantis the Palm Dubai, the consultancy was recognised for its focus on delivering excellence in design and placemaking across its master planning projects across their MENASA portfolio particularly the significant volume of projects in the Kingdom.

    Whether at a provincial, city or building scale, true to its core values, LWK + PARTNERS embraces sustainability, contextuality of placemaking, experientiality, mobility and connectivity. Offering future inhabitants of their designs, innovative and human focused solutions that enhance quality of life and enrich day-to-day living.

    Usama Aziz, KSA Director at LWK + PARTNERS said: “Being recognised at the International Business Magazine Awards exemplify our commitment to designing a more contextual, positive, equitable and inspiring future, we could not be prouder to see our efforts recognised as the best in Saudi Arabia for Master Planning today.”

    Kourosh Salehi, MENA Design Director added “These accolades are a testament to the courage, vision and collaboration of our clients who are striving to deliver the 2030 vision, giving us the opportunity to show just how impactful an integrated design process can be on our communities and cities; our team deeply invest into placemaking that embraces local traditions and cultures in the contemporary idiom, while honing context for innovative solutions that drive the development and implementation of our future society.”

    “Since establishing our presence in MENASA we worked in many of the provinces and cities across the Kingdom on various master planning schemes including a redefinition of the 15-minute city, a prototype for  immense technology driven logistics district aim at transforming the broader MENA region, making Saudi Arabia a pivotal global player in the field and transforming the economy of the nation.” commented MENA Managing Director Kerem Cengiz.

    The International Business Magazine Awards are judged by an independent panel that comprise of journalists, global business leaders, an in-house research division and expert industry analysts. Judging focuses on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and commitment to sustainability. The Awards honours the best in business, innovators, performers, top achievers, and leading brands from various sectors including Banking, Finance, Technology, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Tourism, Construction and Architecture.

    The Awards are in their 5th year and cover more than 40 categories. Regional heats are staged for Middle East, Africa, Americas, Asia and European region.