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    19 November 2020

    Michelle Choi awarded Young BIMers 2020

    Our colleague Michelle Choi is named a Young BIMer 2020 by the Construction Industry Council of Hong Kong for her outstanding contributions in Building Information Modelling (BIM)! The award was presented at the Council’s Celebration of BIM Achievement 2020.

    With dynamic industry exposure in Korea and Singapore, Michelle is committed to advancing the adoption of openBIM, a universal format that allows seamless sharing and collaboration between parties. Since joining LWK + PARTNERS, she has been working closely with various teams to bridge front-end and back-end operations, one of her major areas of expertise. She also plays a key role in establishing a Common Data Environment (CDE) within the firm, which provides a unified, shared resource of project data to keep design decisions acutely informed. She explains her work in this video.

    BIM is a global trend for the building industry that is impossible to neglect. Since early 2000s, LWK + PARTNERS has introduced it to its operations and continues to optimise its application throughout the whole life-cycle of buildings to streamline the process of integrated project delivery. These initiatives have emerged especially meaningful when COVID-19 led to the growth of remote collaborations.

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