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    21 November 2018

    Mother Company Launches Greater Bay Area Innovation Centre with BMEDI

    LWK’s parent company, C Cheng Holdings Limited (“C Cheng”), initiated its strategic partnership with BMEDI last year, and the two companies have been working together on a few projects continuously since then, such as the Hangzhou Jiande High-speed Rail New District and the Shenzhen Mawan Cross-Sea Tunnel.

    Greater Bay Area Innovation Centre , a joint institution established by C Cheng and BMEDI, has had its grand opening last Friday (16 Nov), which has further reinforced the two companies’ dedication to service the development of the Greater Bay Area together.

    Government officials, academicians, industry experts and business elites were all among the guest list for the launching ceremony of the innovation centre, where they had insightful discussions on development of future cities and the Greater Bay Area, as well as the role of architecture and infrastructure in their development.

    LWK’s experts and Directors also attended the event to exchange views on how elements of technology, planning and design can complement urban development and accelerate social transformation. Our colleagues who participated in the joint projects with BMEDI also shared their experience in project management with the attendees.

    In the morning session named Accelerating GBQ Development Through Innovation and Technology Forum, LWK Associate Director, Mr. Erik Amir, gave a speech on Greater Bay Area Testing Ground, which explored the revolution brought by technological advancements on urban planning and design, and the advantages that the Greater Bay Area possesses with these changes.

    The afternoon integrated symposium was titled Teamwork and Collaboration: The Chemistry of Innovation, moderated by LWK Director, Mr. Ivan Fu. Starting with a presentation by LWK Shenzhen Director, Mr. Rain Zhao, as a representative of C Cheng, to introduce C Cheng and LWK’s comprehensive expertise to all attending guests, the exchange session was followed by LWK Director of Planning and Urban Design, Mr. Jason Ho, who shared his experience in the concept planning and urban design of Hangzhou Jiande High-speed Rail New District. To wrap up the day’s events, Ivan invited experts from both companies on stage for an in-depth discussion on the revolutions and contributions of technology on the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of projects.

    Mr. Elvis Li, CEO of isBIM, our sister company, held a sharing session titled Gearing Up for Smart Cities: Readily Available Technologies, while isBIM Director, Ms. Ivy Zhang, share her experience on BIM design for Shenzhen Mawan Cross-Sea Tunnel alongside BMEDI representative.

    All who attended has gained a lot from the day’s events.

    Launching the Greater Bay Area Innovation Centre is an important milestone in the joint cooperation between C Cheng and BMEDI. The innovation centre is an open, accepting, sharing collaboration platform.

    We are very glad that our mother company is taking an important step towards a better future in the establishment of the Greater Bay Area Innovation Centre. We also look forward to continuing our contribution for the architecture and construction industry, so as to realise the construction of future cities, and build a smarter life.