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    18 May 2020

    New triannual journal ‘Red Envelope’ sparks urban insights

    LWK + PARTNERS has been expanding its influence in the MENA regions and Southeast Asia with new studios opening in Dubai and Singapore in 2018 and 2019 respectively to serve wider international communities in their responses to urbanisation. It is also the practice’s long-term mission to share our design visions around the world to improve the ways people live, so we work continuously to pool professional knowledge and creativity on contemporary issues across sectors.

    ‘Red Envelope’, a triannual journal run by our Dubai Studio, is now officially launched, serving as a knowledge platform that gathers and exchanges urban insights to explore and challenge our global built environment. The first issue of Red Envelope focuses on the theme of urban planning and regeneration. Great thanks to different contributors in the regions, the essays look at cities in Egypt, India, Sudan, Iraq and more, considering what makes a place home and how to keep urban elements in balance. Among the contributors is LWK + PARTNERS Design Director Kourosh Salehi, who addresses global security challenges and reviews how natural and man-made disasters have always shaped the planning of cities.

    “The work of the architect is a work of imagination, yet it cannot simply be a dominating gaze, an act of whim, or, conversely, a sacrifice at the altar of commercial interest alone,” said Kerem Cengiz, LWK + PARTNERS Managing Director – MENA.

    Read the full press release here and Red Envelope 01 here.