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    24 November 2021

    Prof Lau talks to Archcy on Net Carbon Zero

    Professor Stephen Lau, our Design Research Director leading our low-carbon design enhancements, spoke to Archcy in an interview about the key role architectural design plays in our cities’ transition towards net carbon zero.

    He shared how zero energy buildings are the future green building trend, and how Singapore’s experience can provide inspirations for China.

    The interview also dipped into our take on human-oriented post-occupancy evaluation as a major approach to constantly upgrade our sustainable building design and fine-tune operations. “LWK + PARTNERS envisions to influence people’s behaviour through design,” he said.

    Professor Lau noted what makes urban renewal successful, a less discussed area of sustainable development, relating the challenge of adapting smart Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to existing ways of life in older neighbourhoods to improve living environments.

    Read the full interview in English HERE or the original Chinese article HERE.