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    06 August 2020

    Rebecca Wong: the best lights are invisible

    “Lighting is a sensory experience,” said Rebecca Wong, LWK + PARTNERS Associate Director and its principal lighting designer, “No matter what times you live in, and whether you notice it or not, it is part of our everyday surroundings and deeply affects how we enjoy a space.” 

    Beyond its practical functions, architectural lighting changes how people perceive the space and built environment through aesthetics, satisfaction, mood, atmosphere and social interaction, telling a different story between day and night and creating emotional connections between people and places.  

    In this interview, Rebecca talks about how her team’s recent work for Hebei Grand Hotel, Anyue in Shijiazhuang, China, reveals the softer side of the architecture at night and brings guests’ attention to its dynamic landscape.  

    Click here to read the interview in full.


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