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    06 September 2021

    RLI Magazine: LWK + PARTNERS designs the next sustainable communities

    RLI Magazine recently spoke to LWK + PARTNERS on our recent updates, some recent key projects, industry trend and views on sustainable design. The feature is just out! Some key points of the feature:

    The practice has been operating on an increasingly agile and resilient model that is both vertically and horizontally integrated to deliver holistic results with efficiency. This model has allowed the practice to continue growing during a much disrupted 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    In last year, the practice has completed a retail and leisure project Zijing Paradise Walk and an innovative working hub Aoti Vanke Centre, both located in Hangzhou, China, as well as a transit-oriented development (TOD) Zhuhai’s Hengqin Port Mixed-use Development. Other key projects include MixC Dongguan Songshan Lake District Mixed Use Development in Dongguan, Zhongshan OCT Harbour and interior design for Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing.

    LWK + PARTNERS stays closely connected with clients and partners not only with its global studio network across 12 cities, but also its practice of using BIM which facilitates cross-border communications and sharing of records. This kind of BIM-based project management is becoming the global norm and LWK + PARTNERS is among the more experienced adopters of this approach in its operating regions.

    Whilst China has traditionally been the main market, the practice sees Southeast Asia as a key growth market moving forward which will remain a hub of urban growth and activities. The firm’s portfolio has expanded in breadth and diversity during the past three years, covering high-end residences, retail, sports facilities and public infrastructure.

    LWK + PARTNERS recognises the role of architects and the building industry in general, in helping the planet combat climate change and achieve a low-carbon future. Backed by research and experience, the practice incorporates a range of sustainable design features in its projects and promotes the development of net carbon zero and eco- cities. The practice also shares insights and exchange views with the international and national experts for solutions to harmonise with the environment.

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