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    07 December 2021

    Six architects named 40 under 40

    We are proud to announce that six out of the 40 recipients of the eminent 40 under 40 Awards 2021 are from LWK + PARTNERS!

    Ricky Wang, Anika Poon, Keith Chan, Samuel Wong, Jinxian Hu and Yan Zhu are named winners of one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious honours given to the most talented young professionals under the age of 40 in the fields of architecture, interior and product design for their ability to inspire the industry with outstanding contribution. We look forward to witnessing future achievements from the next generation’s leaders benefitting the community in the years to come!

    The presentation ceremony took place yesterday in Hong Kong, followed by an industry forum on ‘How the pandemic is challenging the architecture and interior design community to totally rethink design’ where Anika joined as a panellist alongside fellow industry influencers sharing their take on the post-pandemic world.

    Ricky Wang

    With extensive experience in mainland China, Hong Kong, South Asia and United States, Ricky seeks to weave together the most comprehensive and simplest elements through architectural design, setting the tone for future lifestyle through high-end residential projects, corporate headquarters, large-scale masterplanning and more.

    Anika Poon

    Apart from her leading role in numerous urban mixed-use landmarks, Anika is known for her active involvement in social innovation and placemaking projects. She also serves the professional community as a member of the Hong Kong Architecture Centre and Guangdong Engineering Exploration and Design Association, and advises students at the City University of Hong Kong as an Industrial Assessor.

    Keith Chan

    An advocate of sustainability and a strong believer in design thinking education, Keith’s multifaceted contribution to the world of architecture goes far beyond formal work to include international exhibitions, material innovations and professional services for the community.

    Samuel Wong

    Samuel’s wide-spanning expertise has earned recognitions among many. He is keen on experimenting with theories to deliver innovative solutions as well as sharing his visions through exhibitions, talks and workshops.

    Jinxian Hu

    Jinxian is deeply committed to the betterment of design quality and the creation of user-oriented spaces throughout many years of practicing. She demonstrates a fleur in applying the classic into modern practice and never stops exploring new possibilities with architectural language.

    Yan Zhu

    Yan specialises in designing commercial spaces with a distinct cultural angle and turning site limitations into value-adding points of interest. Over his professional life, Yan sees it an architect’s responsibility to solve urban problems with humility towards the environment.