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    26 January 2022

    Strong support for the homeless

    Our Hong Kong office has lent robust support to the initiatives of social service organisation Street Sleepers Action Committee (SSAC). More than 20 staff volunteers joined SSAC’s Outing Service to Yau Ma Tei three times this month to distribute healthy hot meals and daily supplies to homeless people, low-income groups and others in need, upholding a strong spirit of mutual help and support.

    Yau Ma Tei is an old district in Hong Kong with a large grassroots population, interwoven by public spaces where the homeless take shelter. SSAC operates an integrated service for street sleepers, including the provision of emergency shelter, short-term hostel placement and employment assistance to help them reintegrate into the community.

    It has always been a core value of LWK + PARTNERS to build strong, people-oriented communities. We initiated a donation for SSAC last year for their frontline services. Further, Director Kelvin Hui worked together with a team of passionate young designers to renovate and redesign the lodgings of SSAC to provide safe, clean, comfortable short-term accommodation or emergency shelter for those who need a place to stay. Our Brand Experience Team also modified the existing SSAC logo to sharpen its community image.

    LWK + PARTNERS will keep up our participation in various social welfare programmes to give back to a wide range of community stakeholders, bringing warmth to the elderly, children, students and other vulnerable parties, building a better living environment and giving the next generation a brighter future.