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    Ahmed Fahmy

    Studio Director - MENA

    Ahmed Fahmy, Studio Director – MENA at LWK + PARTNERS, boasts over 20 years of experience in guiding and managing projects within the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry. In his elevated role, Ahmed is instrumental in driving the efficient growth of the MENA Studio across the region, leveraging his extensive experience in facilitating positive client and consultant expectations for projects both locally and internationally.

    Throughout his career, Ahmed has successfully managed a diverse range of projects, including significant master plans, mixed-use developments, and cultural institutions in various locations such as the GCC, India, Turkey, Egypt, and Syria. As a passionate leader, he is dedicated to optimizing project delivery by addressing projects' needs, ensuring successful client liaison, and engaging stakeholders effectively.

    Ahmed employs his technical expertise and professional experience as an architect to develop tools that ensure team coordination and effective timelines. He is a proactive expert who thrives on managing complex programs and turning challenges into opportunities. Fahmy obtained his professional qualifications and master's degree from Cairo University, with a focus on project management in competitive environments.