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    Henry Man

    Project Director

    Henry Man graduated from The University of New South Wales, Australia and joined us in 2007. He has over 15 years of professional experience, focusing on project and design management, particularly skilled at large-scale projects across various disciplines in Hong Kong and the PRC, including mixed-use developments, international hotels, large-scale shopping malls, high- and low-density residential projects and transit-oriented developments (TOD).

    As a Certified BIM Manager of Hong Kong’s Construction Industry Council (CCBM), recognised BIM professional of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (BIM Pro (HKIA)) and certified professional of buildingSMART, Henry is an active advocate for the use and development of Building Information Management (BIM) technologies in project management and throughout the whole building life-cycle, promoting digital and BIM implementation in the industry. Projects handled by Henry have won several BIM awards.