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  • Behind facades, within spaces, narratives await to be told. Buildings are more than the physical; they are repositories of stories, memories, and dreams. We architects have the privilege of giving voice to these silent narrators. We shape the narrative of our collective existence, creating structures that speak not only to the minds but also to the hearts of those who encounter it, creating a legacy of meaning and connection.

    Mithun Varghese

    Director - MENA

    Mithun Varghese a Director at our Dubai studio, is a motivated and ambitious post-contemporary design thinker with over 20 years of international experience spanning all aspects of architecture and master planning. Mithun's career encapsulates a profound understanding of the architectural process from inception to realization, showcasing a breadth of knowledge that spans various project types and scales.

    His involvement in landmark projects across the Middle East reflects a keen ability to integrate innovative concepts with the nuances of regional specificity, embodying the fusion of Thought, Architecture, and Technology. This approach facilitates the creation of environments that not only respect but enhance the human experience within built spaces.

    This passion for design extends beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, embracing objects of human interaction across diverse scales, including industrial, graphic, and toy design. This multidisciplinary perspective is indicative of a design philosophy that seeks to imbue every artifact with meaning through the application of a reconstructive, global, and human ethos. By championing interdisciplinary thinking, he ensures that his work resonates on a functional, aesthetic, and emotional level, thus contributing to the broader discourse on design and architecture.

    His ability to navigate and blend creative vision with practical application across urban, public, cultural, and commercial developments further illustrates his adeptness in making significant contributions to the field.