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    Nicole Yim

    Associate Director

    Nicole Yim has over 15 years of experience and global exposure as a design architect in handling a broad spectrum of bespoke design works, ranging from mega-scaled to extra-small-scaled projects, and from master planning to detailing. She has worked on diverse typologies such as integrated resort, hotel, hospital, residential, commercial, art & cultural, institutional, mixed-use, revitalisation/ redevelopment complex, religion, conservation projects in different countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Macau, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Japan. She pursues integrated design and creative approaches, leads concept and design development, and translates her design philosophies and narratives into innovative built environments.

    Nicole has always broadened her horizon through knowledge exchange and acquisition in architecture, net zero and technology at various institutes across the globe. She strives to create holistic designs beyond architectural paradigms through practices, research, and experimentation.

    As part of LWK + PARTNERS, Nicole believes in the strength of collaboration and teamwork, which leads to the success of projects. She is committed to continuing her pursuit of design that elevates the user experience.