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  • A great brand is a powerful asset. It changes how you are seen and how you are valued.

    Rowena Wong

    Associate Director of Marketing & Branding

    Rowena Wong joined LWK + PARTNERS in 2017 and is a versatile designer with a strong background in various industries, including interiors, architecture, exhibition, F&B, retail, hospitality, education, and residential design. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills and ultimately specialized in brand development and strategy planning, amassing extensive experience in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Southeast Asia.

    Her expertise lies in creating cohesive brand experiences that seamlessly integrate with spatial design, from conceptualization to implementation. Rowena's exceptional work has garnered international recognition, earning prestigious awards such as the Muse Creative Design Awards and the IDA International Design Awards.

    In addition to her branding design experience, Rowena is adept at developing architectural and interior design concepts that originate from brand ideas and translate them into various design aspects. Her projects focus on creating holistic design solutions that captivate audiences and drive growth. Rowena's unique ability to blend branding with different design disciplines showcases her talent in delivering innovative, comprehensive, and impactful design experiences across the region.