A great brand is a powerful asset. It changes how you are seen and how you are valued.

Rowena Wong

Associate Director of Marketing & Branding

Rowena has diverse design experience across a wide range of industries such as hotels, residential, commercial, mixed-use, restaurants, healthcare and exhibitions, etc. The multidisciplinary and integrated knowledge and experience have strengthened her design creativity. She describes ‘brand experience’ as an integrative process that brings together thinking, design and technology to create an immersive environment. Rowena puts her focus on exploring brand values through brand positioning, brand identity creation or refresh and channeling the intended messages through experiential design, communication material and wayfinding & environmental graphics.

She has a specific focus on the strategy, development and launch of brands with great potential in their markets. She believes that good branding matches businesses with the right people – employees, partners and customers – who are most likely to develop long-lasting, heartfelt connection with the brand.